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How to choose a commercial pre-rinse faucet

How to choose a commercial pre-rinse Faucet 1. Sink Setup Firstly you have to  consider the physical layout of the sink. Its holes for the faucet and soap dispenser could be deck- or wall-mounted with a single or double hole on an 8-in. or 4-in. center. 2. The overall height As pre-rinse units are tall fixtures, you may need to work around overhead shelving. Some operations choose to do a simple cut-out of the shelves to accommodate pre-rinse units. But if there’s a feature that makes that difficult—say a drawer in the shelf above—We can offer low-profile models to fit tighter spaces. We can also provide the adjustable wall bracket which is fit for any distance from the wall to the faucet. 3. Material Good for health is the most important. Our [...]

Why is necessary to build a pre-rinse faucet for your commercial kitchen

  A good Pre-rinse unit is a very good helper of a commercial kitchen: Save water, save time, dirty dishes and glass cups more easily to be cleaned... Kitchen operations without pre-rinse units may spend more time scrubbing dishes by hand, risk clogging up dishmachines with food debris and wind up with still dirty dishes. A pre-rinse faucet use water pressure to remove food waste from dishes, prior to dishwashing,The waterflow is about 1.2-1.42 GPM, account for nearly ONLY one-third of the water used in an average commercial kitchen, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Besides, the high pressure from the spray valve make the food debrics ,which is strongly stick to the dishes, are much more easily to be removed. This can make the workers finish the job in a shorter [...]



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